NZ companies save energy through Energetics' One-2-Five® Energy

01 Nov 2004Archived News Energetics in the News

Delivered through New Zealand's Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA), Energetics' One-2-Five® Energy is helping New Zealand companies to cut through the clutter, set action points and take energy seriously.


When Energetics' consultant Gordon Skerry led DB Breweries through Energetics' One-2-Five® Energy management diagnostic session, DB achieved the highest rating (5 Stars) of 1135 sites examined in New Zealand, Australia, North America and Europe. This made DB the first company in New Zealand to get a near-perfect score for its energy management practices.

The advanced energy diagnostics tool One-2-Five® and Energetics' introductory version Energy Achiever® "break down an energy management programme into bite-sized chunks," says EECA Emprove account manager Kimbal McHugo.

EECA has been fully-funding One-2-Five® sessions for qualifying companies under its Large Electricity Users Grants Scheme for companies that use more than 10 GWh of electricity a year and spend above $1.2 million on electricity. But One-2-Five® is not restricted to New Zealand's largest energy users. McHugo says it is an option for companies that have progressed through Energy Achiever® or are already a long way down the track of successful energy management.

Energy Achiever® is based on the same methodology as One-2-Five® Energy. As a rule of thumb, Energy Achiever® users spend more than $500,000 a year on energy for one site or the whole organisation. The areas examined include awareness and training, monitoring and reporting, and leadership. It is for companies and other organisations that are serious enough about a disciplined approach to energy management to gather their top managers in a room for an hour to be taken on a journey through their energy-use practices.

Energy Achiever® is also free to the company but requires commitment from the senior management team. A session is not held unless top managers are present. It is designed not just for the energy manager who usually has a good idea of what needs to be done but to support the energy manager in making a business case for a more systematic approach to energy management. It makes powerful financial arguments for energy improvements.

Says McHugo: "Energy Achiever® can be considered as a primer. Doing One-2-Five® before you pass Energy Achiever® is like trying to run before you can walk. On the other hand, large energy users already doing a really good job can go straight to One-2-Five®."

Both One-2-Five® Energy and Energy Achiever® have become the basis for EECA's ongoing relationships with their customers.

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