Media Statement from Energetics: comment on Final Garnaut Report

01 Oct 2008Archived News Energetics in the News

Further to Professor Garnauts recommendations, Jon Jutsen, founder of Energetics, believes that the government will need an immediate transition strategy to drive emissions reductions over the next three-to-five years until the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) begins to take effect.


A low, fixed carbon price will not be enough to curb Australia's growing energy usage. Increased energy efficiency will ultimately be anti-inflationary as it will reduce the operating costs of business whilst preparing us for the transition to a low-carbon economy.

In view of this, Energetics considers the following to be particular highlights from the Garnaut Report:

  • The Review’s support for the Commonwealth’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) scheme and the removal of overlapping state and territory schemes, and
  • Attention to the hidden “skills shortage” surrounding energy management within companies, and the recommendation that this be addressed via direct engagement.
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