Managing energy information across multiple Council sites

01 Mar 2006Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: Local Government Focus Newspaper. 

Many Local Governments experience difficulties in managing and aggregating energy information across multiple Council sites. As the number of sites increase so too does the challenge of providing a variety of staff access to this information.

One such Council in Queensland has over 1,000 various sites spread across Brisbane ranging from bus shelters to Council buildings. This Council found that managing energy across all sites was becoming far too resource intensive and, quite simply, a chore.

Compiling all energy data and analysing consumption and costs against budget was too complex.

The Council has since found a simplified energy and greenhouse management solution to help them manage their energy, EnTERPRIZE.EM from Energetics Pty Ltd. Within eight months of using EnTERPRIZE.EM, the Council has gained the ability to collect and aggregate data on energy consumption and costs, across multi sites and from multiple suppliers, into a single report that can be viewed by a variety of staff.

The tool gives them a central place to manage their energy information and will also help them to budget for energy over the next year, as well as manage consumption and costs closely against the set budget.

Among other capabilities, the software can alert users when energy costs or consumption exceed certain levels and compare energy performance between similar sized sites.

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