Implementing ISO 50001 energy management standard within your organisation

12 Aug 2011Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: AEBN Environment Network Weekly. ISO50001 is the new International Standard on energy management systems (EnMS) that was launched by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on 17 June 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. A number of organisations worldwide have already implemented the Standard and have reported significant benefits and energy cost savings within their business.

ISO 50001 provides organisations with a framework for integrating the management of energy performance into their existing management practices.

By applying the well known Plan – Do - Check – Act approach to continuous improvement, organisations will improve their use of energy.

It has a particular focus on effective communication on the anagement of energy resources, and the application of best practice in energy management throughout the supply chain.

Organisations are encouraged to measure an energy performance baseline, establish energy performance indicators and associated targets and then plan for, and implement actions, that will close the gaps between the measured and targeted performance.

As with all continuous improvement systems, ISO50001 requires organisations to monitor performance and take actions to improve the EnMS.

Successful implementation of an EnMS depends on commitment from all levels and functions of the organisation, with a particular emphasis on organisational leadership.

The Standard is applicable to all types and sizes of organisations.

Organisations that have implemented the Standard already are from a number of countries that include China, France and India. They are reporting annual cost savings well in excess of $1 million per year through the development of the EnMS that follows the ISO50001 guidelines.

The US Department of Energy has constructed its Superior Energy Performance program for achieving continual improvement in energy efficiency around ISO50001. A central element of Superior Energy Performance is implementation of ISO50001 with additional
requirements to achieve and document energy performance improvements.

In Australia, the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) program encourages large energy-using businesses to improve their energy efficiency by developing a documented system to improve the identification, evaluation and resulting implementation of cost effective energy savings opportunities.

Not surprisingly, there is a strong correlation between the EEO requirements and ISO50001, in terms of both the requirements to plan, implement and document the system to improve energy performance and the requirement to formally verify compliance which drives improvement in the EnMS.

Australian organisations that undertake EEO will find it straightforward to comply with ISO50001.

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