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01 Oct 2008Archived News Energetics in the News

The second annual City West Water Service Provider Expo was recently held at Flemington Racecourse. Innovative companies Little Holland, Hatch and Energetics were exhibitors at the event and are newcomers to City West Water’s service provider list.


Little Holland

Little Holland has been making waves in the carwash industry by providing water recycling and treatment systems that significantly reduce the need to use drinking water.

They have installed a recycling system that uses rainwater and bore water to clean 100 cars an hour at an Aspendale Gardens site as well as 25 recycled water systems at other carwashes throughout Melbourne.

Managing Director Ron Holland and business partner Graeme Little, an engineer and plumber of 35 years’ experience, said their enterprise was about securing businesses, not necessarily the price of water or the systems.

Hatch Associates

Hatch Associates have been involved in the design and construction of an advanced water treatment plant as part of the vast western corridor recycled water project in South East Queensland.

The have also recently conducted water efficiency audits for businesses including hotels, motels, bowling clubs and RSL clubs for the City of Wollongong’s Sustainability in the Workplace program recommending the installation of water-saving devices and determined estimated water savings, capital cost and payback periods.


The key to sustainable water management lies in internal system improvements, according to water efficiency consultant Peter Holt.

Dr Holt, of national consultancy firm Energetics, believes water efficiency solutions are often structural rather than technical and that businesses require the commitment from senior staff to integrate water and energy management programs into their business operations.

The consultancy firm helps organisations adopt a strategic approach to water management to reduce costs and help improve the environment.

Dr Holt says increasing social and investor pressure were changing business perceptions of water management from a site issue to a corporate issue.

“The greatest financial risk is a company’s ability to operate,” he said. “We see some very advanced businesses that have good management systems and processes while others are just starting off.”

Little Holland, Hatch and Energetics are now included on City West Water’s list of 45 service providers, ranging from specialist plumbers, engineers and consultants to trade waste and behavioural change experts to help customers become involved in the Water Conservations Solutions program.

The service providers can help customers identify potential water and energy-saving measures, assess the practical and financial feasibility of these measures and work to implement them.

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