Energy Performance of Commercial Buildings Program Extension in the ACT

08 Jan 2004Archived News Energetics in the News

Canberra, 8 January 2004 - The Australasian Energy Performance Contracting Association (AEPCA) and Energetics congratulate the ACT Government's decision to extend the Energy Performance of Commercial Buildings Program until 30 June 2004. Through the program, the ACT Government will cover the cost of engaging Energetics to undertake the facilitation of Energy Performance Contracting.

An Energy Performance Contract is an innovative method of contracting the delivery of energy-saving technologies, systems and/or procedures with a guaranteed outcome. A contractor identifies then guarantees the energy savings, which can then provide a guaranteed cash flow to fund the project.

Energetics' ACT Regional Manager and facilitator of the program, Stephen Oster, said "This is a great opportunity for private commercial property owners, managers and tenants to improve the energy efficiency of their facilities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money with no risk."
"The ACT Government will pay for Energetics' services to help property owners and tenants understand, evaluate and negotiate a contract that is guaranteed to deliver energy and costs savings." Stephen said.

The president of the Australasian Energy Performance Contracting Association, Mr David Mountseer, called on property owners and tenants to take up the ACT Government's generous offer. "Energy Performance Contracts already remove many of the traditional barriers to improving the energy performance of commercial buildings, the ACT Government has just removed another one. There is no longer an excuse for not reducing energy use. I encourage commercial building owners and tenants to contact Energetics and make the most of this program." he said.

"Energy Performance Contracts have been used extensively and very effectively in the public sector across Australia and around the world. This program encourages the private sector to take advantage of the benefits of Energy Performance Contracts by providing independent experts to assist in the negotiation of a contract. This is the sort of support that government's across Australia should learn from," said David.

"I encourage all private sector tenants and owners of commercial property in the ACT to contact me for a free consultation to discuss how an EPC might help you reduce your costs, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions." said Stephen.

Contact Stephen Oster, Regional Manager ACT, Energetics on 02 6260 8723.

Contact David Mountseer, President, Australasian Energy Performance Contracting Association (AEPCA) 02 9712 6248. For more information on the Energy Performance Contracting or the AEPCA visit

For more information on the Energy Performance of Commercial Buildings Program visit or

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