Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Process Engineering

01 Jun 2006Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: Factory Equipment News Magazine.

NEW technologies to optimise control of drying, heating and mixing can deliver substantial energy savings, an energy auditor recently told FEN.

Energetics Practice Area Leader, Roger Horwood, said manufacturers are often surprised at energy savings in productivity related projects, like investing in new dryers. "Modern textile dryer units include energy saving features such as heat recovery from exhaust gases, automatic flue closure when the machine is stopped to hold hot air while repairs are made, infrared temperature sensors to measure dryness of material and short flame burners to reduce flame impingement on the burner tube walls," Horwood said.

From plant audits, Energetics has determined the top 5 most common energy efficiency opportunities for manufacturers are:

  • Eliminating compressed air leaks and better controlling air compressors;
  • Eliminating steam leaks;
  • Recovering heat from process plants;
  • Using variable speed drives for fans and pumps; and
  • Turning off process equipment in non-production periods.

One prime example is Blue Circle Southern Cement, Maldon, which claims to have saved $800,000 in energy a year by reducing feed moisture content, rationalising air blowers, using blast furnace slag in cement production, improving the control of a slag drier and switching off unused machinery.

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