Energy alliance to bring energy solutions to government managers

24 Oct 2001Archived News Energetics in the News

Energy Alliance to bring World Class Energy and Greenhouse Management Software Solutions To Government Managers, 24th October 2001.

Two of Australia's leading specialists in energy and greenhouse solutions teamed up today to promote a solution that will deliver a new level of energy cost control and greenhouse reporting to Commonwealth and other government agencies.

Energetics and Energy Strategies are pleased to announce an alliance whereby Energy Strategies will promote an internet based energy and greenhouse management information system, 'Our-e-Manager (OeM)' "Hugh Saddler and his team at Energy Strategies are proven thought-leaders in Energy and Greenhouse Issues consulting. We are pleased that they have chosen to become an alliance partner that will bring our world class software solutions to Australian users, Energetics' Australian CEO, Matt Reardon, said today.

Developed by Energetics with the support of a $3.6 million R&D START grant from the Department of Industry Science and Resources, 'Our-e-Manager' brings a new level of control to the management of energy costs, consumption and greenhouse reporting across multiple sites.

"This technology (OeM) is world class and world first. Beyond the energy costs savings and reporting flexibility, OeM can also deliver greenhouse emissions inventory data in support of commitment programs and annual reports," said Dr Hugh Saddler, Managing Director of Energy Strategies. "OeM represents an opportunity for Government and industry associations to lead by example in energy efficiency and demand management."

Our-e-Manager helps drive down energy costs by giving all levels of management a previously unavailable view of energy consumption throughout an organisation. This unique insight into energy use enables easy comparison between sites, benchmarking of performance and the preparation of site, regional and corporate energy management reports.

Our-e-Manager is a powerful modular-based and enterprise-wide solution that can cater for the needs of mid to large sized organisations. The Energy Account Analysis Module tracks energy costs, reports exceptions and identifies potential savings. The Site Energy Performance Module determines daily/shift energy consumption. The module graphs daily load profiles, reduces thes e to easily understood performance indicators and highlights exceptions against targets. The Greenhouse Emissions Module manages greenhouse emissions for risk management and commitment programs.

Already in use by two of Australia's largest energy users, AMCOR and Goodman Fielder, OeM is proving that good information enables good management and delivers cost savings.

"For twenty years we have seen organisations with more control and oversight over stationery expenditure of a few thousand dollars a month, than they have with energy spends of up to $10 Million per month," said Matt Reardon. "We believe that energy savings of up to 15% can be achieved as a result of using Our-e-Manager. Energy management is or should be a senior management agenda item. With the advent of "triple bottom line, socially responsible investment criteria and balanced scorecards, OeM is the solution that CFOÂ's should take a serious interest in," Reardon said.

Energetics has partnered with Hewlett Packard Australia for the provision of world-class data centre services to support the web based OeM. The HP infrastructure, Oracle database, open architecture, advanced security and web access mean that this solution is generations ahead of competitive offerings and can be installed with virtually no impact to an organisation's existing IT infrastructure that means you wont be fighting with your IT department Reardon said.

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