Energetics releases 'The reality of carbon neutrality'

02 Apr 2007Archived News Energetics in the News

In response to a recent increase in public awareness about global warming and carbon neutrality, Energetics has prepared a paper entitled: 'The Reality of Carbon Neutrality'.


Many corporations are focusing on how they can manage their carbon impacts.

Organisations are aiming to define and reduce their carbon footprint and diminish their impact further by purchasing 'green energy' or carbon offsets. Some companies, wishing to go further, are becoming 'carbon neutral', by completely offsetting their carbon footprint.

The challenge in Australia for companies, analysts and shareholders is to ensure that there is a common understanding of what it means to be 'carbon neutral', and agreed standards for each of the elements involved in achieving that status. With no clarity, there is uncertainty about the validity of 'carbon neutral' claims, thus undermining the confidence in the term 'carbon neutral'. Furthermore, companies that do not use a rigorous approach could be misleading shareholders and the public, as well as committing to future financial obligations and associated risks.

The purpose of Energetics' paper is to provide guidance to organisations about the terminology, recommended methodology, and risk management issues related to carbon footprint estimation.

Find out how Energetics can help your organisation become carbon neutral.

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