Energetics Purchases 100% accredited GreenPower

04 Dec 2006Archived News Energetics in the News

Through the use of Energetics' internal Strategic Energy Procurement services, Energetics has negotiated a contract to purchase 100% accredited GreenPowerTM for its offices.




Energetics' Sydney and Melbourne offices are now powered by 100% accredited GreenPowerTM. This means that 100% of the electricity purchased directly by Energetics' Australian offices is GreenPowerTM.

Energetics has committed to purchasing 101 megawatt hours of renewable GreenPowerTM, which will result in a cut to Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 108 tonnes per annum - equivalent to taking about 24 cars off our roads. Energetics is also looking into helping staff to buy accredited GreenPowerTM for their residential electricity consumption.

Not a one off

Energetics, one of Australia's leading integrated energy and greenhouse solutions businesses, was established in 1984.

Karen Brock, from Energetics’ Strategic Energy Procurement team, explained that the move to GreenPowerTM was a progression in achieving its greenhouse reduction target.

“The switch to GreenPowerTM was a first step towards reducing our emissions. We have followed this up with a purchase of abatement credits to offset our emissions related to waste and transport.”

Ms Brock sees Energetics’ approach as being consistent with its mission and values, where the company practices what it preaches. “What we are doing within Energetics fits in with the type of organisation we are. We have a team of dedicated people working towards reducing energy and water use, waste and emissions both within our own company and with our clients.” Energetics consults with businesses and organisations to reduce energy use, emissions and water consumption.

Creative GreenPowerTM

Energetics is creative with its GreenPowerTM purchases. Energetics bought GreenPowerTM for a series of business breakfasts in late 2006. “It sent a positive message to the attendees and it was easy to do. We purchased the GreenPower on the Internet through the Greenswitch website and paid for it by credit card. Those particular purchases were independent of our contract suppliers for GreenPowerTM, Integral Energy and TRUenergy.”

Philosophically Energetics embraces strong environmental values. Its Sydney office was one of the first tenancies to have a five star ABGR energy rating. Energetics is also planning to arrange the purchase of GreenPowerTM for its staff’s domestic use.

People power

Ms Brock reflected that since its inception in 1984 the business has changed significantly from being an energy focused consultancy to one with an increasing emphasis on greenhouse and sustainability. “We operate in a fast growing market and as such we need to continually find and retain the right people to keep up with the growth. The people who work at Energetics have strong environmental values, and it helps to be able to demonstrate that Energetics shares these values. Our purchase of GreenPowerTM is one of the many ways we do this.”

An Integral purchase

Energetics buys GreenPowerTM for its Sydney office from Integral Energy that must comply with stringent environmental standards. The GreenPower accredited component of electricity products must be 100% ‘new’ renewable energy (‘new’ renewable energy is sourced from generators which have been built after 1 January 1997).

“We have confidence in GreenPower – it’s accredited and audited so we know it’s real – systems are in place to assure us that our confidence is well placed,” said Ms Brock.

Note: Calculations are based on an average Australian household’s use of 6.47 megawatt hours per year, 250 megawatts hours will supply about 40 households a year - with an average household size 2.6 people

  1. 4.33 tons of greenhouse gas per car

About GreenPowerTM

GreenPower is a national accreditation program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable energy products offered by electricity suppliers to households and businesses across Australia.

When choosing a government accredited Green Power product, your energy supplier agrees that the equivalent amount of energy you nominate is produced from renewable sources, avoiding the use of coal-derived power.

As a result of the growing demand for GreenPowerTM, over 265 new approved renewable energy projects have been installed in Australia since 1997, including the southern hemisphere's largest solar farm at Singleton, NSW and numerous wind farms including Crookwell and Blayney in NSW, Codrington in Victoria, Lake Bonney in South Australia and Townsville in Queensland. Growth of the renewable energy industry and the installation of new generators has also made a positive contribution to employment and tourism in regional areas.

The Green Power tick gives a guarantee that Energetics' contributions are helping facilitate the installation of new sustainable energy projects in Australia.

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