Energetics Powers Into US

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Energetics Powers into US
By Tessa Denton

ENERGY information management developer Energetics is seeking venture capital to fund expansion in the United

Chief executive Matt Reardon said energy deregulation in the US was starting to excite corporates.

But we would stay based in Australia," he said. "It is easy for a company like Energetics to deploy our online Our-e-Manager (OeM) service globally.

"We already host for global companies here, using our Oracle database and the Hewlett-Packard data centre."

While the huge size of the US market was appealing, the company was not ignoring the local sector.

OeM had been adopted by Amcor, Goodman Fielder, Commonwealth Bank and Singtel Optus since being introduced locally last October, Mr Reardon said.

Clients paid on a dollar per site per month basis, and there were no other licensing costs. Energetics is 40 per cent owned by New Zealand energy business Orion, and received a $3.6 million Commonwealth research grant last year.

It started out as an engineering consultancy more than 18 years ago doing energy audits for major companies.

That energy consumption expertise had now been translated into the online service, chief information officer Mike Brennan said.

The company was able to collect and store data from multiple sites and measure consumption levels of 20 different types of energy, from gas, coal and electricity to self-generated power.

"Energy is notoriously difficult to manage," Mr Reardon said. "A diversified company may be procuring it from 12 different utilities. Managers typically have no idea of consumption costs and no agenda to make savings.

"It would come as a very big shock to Australian companies if the government ever brought in a carbon tax, as has
happened in the UK."

Even if the Australian government did not legislate energy management, it was inevitable stricter controls on greenhouse emissions and energy consumption would be introduced.

"Our system can provide a verifiable, auditable energy trail for a company, as well as delivering energy savings," Mr Reardon said.

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