Energetics Media Release

19 Oct 1999Archived News Energetics in the News

The Minister gave an update of the initiatives under taken by Government to improve the environmental performance within the state of Queensland.

The Minister also stated that most businesses have gone through the cycle of cost reduction and efficiency gains through down sizing. The next critical issue that businesses now faced was to improve their overall efficiency by addressing both operational and energy efficiency improvements. He stated that in order for businesses to meet their environmental commitments and to remain competitive it would be essential for them to adopt innovative techniques to improve their operational efficiency and application of energy.

He recognised that Government could not move as rapidly as the private sector on these matters, but was encouraged to see companies such as Energetics has developed leading edge technology and systems that will help industry both locally and internationally improve their operational efficiency.

As Government, a number of initiatives were been undertaken that would help drive efficiency improvements. These initiatives included the establishment of the EPA and related legislation under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. This department recently launched the cleaner production partnerships program.

He also stated that a lot of good work was been done through the department of public works and housing who are developing policies and guidelines to ensure the adoption of sustainable buildings practice.

He saw that instruments such as emissions trading and taxation as mechanisms that would assist Australia meet its Greenhouse commitments.

He stated that companies such as Energetics and others who have been able to predict the business requirements and develop systems and tools to assist organisations improve their efficiency would be well positioned in the future.

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