Energetics Becomes 3CBD Greenhouse Leader

01 May 2005Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: Facilities Management Association Magazine. 

The mayors of the City of Sydney, North Sydney and Parramatta Councils recently launched the 3CBDs Greenhouse Initiative - a scheme to improve the greenhouse performance of commercial office buildings in Sydney's three largest central business districts.

One day before the Kyoto Protocol became international law, the local councils and leading businesses formally stated that they will do their bit to ensure that Australia is not left behind as countries around the world act to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The initiative is sponsored by the New South Wales state government and uses the acclaimed Australian Building Greenhouse Rating scheme to benchmark the performance of commercial tenants and establish improvement targets.

Dr Carolyn Davies of the New South Wales Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability said the announcement was a major step toward tackling the greenhouse emissions being produced by the commercial property sector, which has the fastest rate of growth in the country.

"The key aim of this initiative is to improve the greenhouse performance of office buildings and tenancies by encouraging energy efficiency upgrades, which will result in significant environmental benefits and reduce demand for electricity in each participating CBD," said Dr Davies.

City of Sydney Mayor, Clover Moore MP, said, "We want tenants to put global warming high on their checklist when they choose buildings to rent. Taking space in an energy efficient building with a good greenhouse rating is a positive way to help protect our climate. Tenants who ensure their landlords improve their building's greenhouse performance over the life of their lease will save landlords and themselves money. Partnerships like our - between the three mayors and our CBDs, between local government and the commercial tenants add up to action. It's estimated that we really need 40 Kyoto Protocols to protect the global climate system. These actions by commercial tenants make great commercial sense. They are part of the starting point for Kyoto," she added.

Independent Mayor of North Sydney Council, Genia McCaffery, said, "North Sydney Council is proud of its ongoing relationship with the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability. We have also built important relationships with some of our leading local businesses when Council ran a pilot program two years ago.

"I am delighted that the City and Parramatta CBDs have joined North Sydney to tackle this important issue. The 3CBDs Greenhouse Initiative now covers a formidable commercial block containing almost 1,000 commercial office buildings - that's over 20 per cent of Australia's total office building stock and 30 per cent of available space."

Lord Mayor of Parramatta, Julia Finn, said, "Tenants have a critical role to play in achieving more efficient buildings. Until recently, commercial tenants have taken a back seat role in the greenhouse performance of the buildings they occupy, placing the onus on building owners and managers to achieve good environmental results.

"But times are changing. Tenants are asking building owners to demonstrate their greenhouse credentials with Australian Building Greenhouse base building ratings. And, building owners and managers are starting to support tenants in their environmental and, more specifically, greenhouse management," said Finn.

A number of the companies that have signed up to the initiative have agreed to act as CBD Greenhouse Leaders and share their experiences with other initiative participants. They are Colliers International, Energetics, Investa Property Group, Lend Lease, Mirvac and Westpac.

Chris Carolan from Lend Lease said, "When we conceived the idea of The Bond at Millers Point, the people of Lend Lease told us that the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions was their number one environmental priority.

"We were determined to change perceptions about what level of environmental performance was achievable within a commercial context. Thanks to the efforts of our people and our project partners, including DB RREEF, we are on track to achieve Australia's best greenhouse result to date for a CBD office building and tenancy. Being a CBD Greenhouse Leader is a naturally step for us as we help to make this initiative a success," added Carolan.

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