Energetics - a new approach to energy efficiency

01 Oct 2001Archived News Energetics in the News


Program targets corporate management and claims savings up to 25 percent.

Energetics has an innovative and unique vision about achieving energy efficiency in the business world.

"You need to change management's focus and make energy management an integral part of corporate procedure," Jutsen said during a presentation at CEE's Program Committee meeting in Milwaukee Sept. 10.

"Our aim is to rapidly get senior management on board and then drive improvements in energy use through a systematic approach based on business needs.

"This approach provides much better results for the consumer and the energy supplier greater savings at lower capital investment and, most importantly, the results are sustainable."

Jutsen is the CEO and founder of Energetics, an energy management corporation. The company, founded in 1984, pitches energy efficiency as a means to become more productive and competitive.

"The approach we use is different from the traditional approach used by most CEE members," he said.

Energetics claims it can help businesses deliver energy savings up to 25 percent through a consistent multi-year program using the One-2-Five Energy� process to drive change. "We have case studies to prove we can make an impact," said Jutsen.

The process helps companies to understand how effectively they manage energy use, benchmark against best practice, and define the next critical steps to make improvements.

The first step is a 90-minute diagnostic review of the business's energy management practices with corporate management, using One-2-Five software and a trained facilitator.

"For most companies, the results come as a shock," said Jutsen. "They have no idea how poorly they manage energy as an input to their organization. But we can start to see large changes after six months."

Fifteen utilities currently use One-2-Five, including Southern California Edison and British Columbia Hydro, and another five utilities are piloting the process at this time. The EPA uses One-2-Five in its ENERGY STAR programs.

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