Efficiency scheme firms find opportunities, but take-up patchy

01 Sep 2008Archived News Energetics in the News

Published: CE Daily - talks about Energetics' Energy Efficiency survey results.


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A survey of 70 participants in the federal Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) scheme has found about half (51%) consider a carbon price would make them more likely to implement identified energy efficiency projects.

A total of 57% of the companies had identified savings that will reduce their energy costs by 5% or more. But almost quarter of the survey respondents plan to implement only a few identified opportunities within the next two years.

The survey by energy consultancy Energetics found almost half (47%) had identified savings that will reduce their energy costs by between 5% to 10%.

Another 10% of respondents identified savings that would reduce their energy costs by 10% to 20%.

However, 43% of respondents identified savings of less than 5% and the survey delivered a mixed picture on implementation.

A total of 24% of firms said only a few of their identified energy efficiency opportunities would be implemented in the next one to two years and 4% said none would be implemented.

A total of 59% said some would be implemented, with only 13% stating all would be implemented.

Barriers to action nominated by respondents included lack of time to develop or implement opportunities (53%), lack of resources (46%) and corporate payback hurdles of less than four years (29%).

Measures nominated as likely to boost take-up included tax concessions (53%), government incentives to implement marginally economic projects (53%) and a carbon price (51%).

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