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16 May 2007Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: Illawarra Mercury - By Greg Ellis - In an initiative involving Wollongong City Council, Integral Energy and Energetics, Unanderra businesses have identified thousands of dollars in electricity savings.


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A LARGE energy provider and the Unanderra business community are involved in an energy-saving program that has identified thousands of dollars in electricity savings.

To date, 15 companies are participating in an energy-saving initiative involving Wollongong City Council, Integral Energy and Energetics.

The INbusiness Energy Savers program started in February and Unanderra businesses have eagerly taken up the challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Bonds manufacturing manager Ron Cowlishaw said an electricity audit had identified $15,000 in electricity savings at the Nolan St plant and further investigations were expected to generate more.

"It is something that we probably wouldn't have done off our own bat," Mr Cowlishaw said. "Our company is now embarking on an environmental management plan."

Integral Energy regulatory and corporate affairs general manager Karen Waldman said an initial audit on nine companies had identified substantial reductions.

More than 2100kVAs (kilovolt amperes) in energy savings had already been identified and the goal was to reduce the peak demand of power by almost 4000kVA.

Ms Waldman said this was the equivalent of 650 houses.

"This energy efficiency project in Unanderra has the capacity to achieve significant CO2 reductions of around 21,000 tonnes each year, which is the equivalent to removing 4800 cars from our roads," she said.

Wollongong Lord Mayor Alex Darling described it as a practical initiative to actively contribute to energy savings, reduce running costs and produce widespread community benefits.

Energy audits are funded by the council and conducted by Energetics.

Integral Energy jointly oversees the program and subsidises the implementation of the demand reduction initiatives.

Wollongong City Council environment and health division sustainability programs manager Ellen O'Brien said the council had previously partnered Integral on a residential program and worked with other businesses on a water-saving initiative. A waste-reduction initiative was also likely.

"It just gives people the confidence they can do something like improving the efficiency of what they are doing ... or maybe reduce some costs," she said.

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