Alsco Linen Services win silver for greenhouse initiatives

25 Oct 2001Archived News Energetics in the News

Alsco Linen Services has won a prestigious silver Energy Smart Green Globe Award thanks to their outstanding initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases.

"I would like to congratulate Alsco Linen Services for winning the Energy Smart Green Globe Award," said Mark Fogarty, Executive Director of the Sustainable Energy Development Authority.

They are playing a part in a state-wide initiative that is good for business and great for the environment.

Alsco Linen Services, which is a member of the Sustainable Energy Development Authority's Energy Smart Business (ESB) program, has been working with SEDA and Partner Support Manager, Energetics, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using energy more efficiently. In doing so, they also enjoy considerable savings off their energy bill each year.

The company joins other outstanding Energy Smart Green Globe winners such as Amcor, Commonwealth Bank, Qantas and Arnotts Ltd, who have all implemented work energy smart behaviour.

The award, presented at the Green Globe Award ceremony in Sydney on 25 October 2001 by NSW Minister for Energy, Kim Yeadon recognises that Alsco Linen Services has achieved 50 per cent of agreed targets by upgrading their operations to become more energy efficient. Alsco Linen Services is demonstrating first-hand that better energy management can help lower energy consumption and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Alsco Linen Services joined the program in 1998 and, according to General Manager, Mr Michael Jerogin, the company's commitment to energy efficiency reflects an awareness of the financial and environmental benefits of optimising energy use.

To date, they've eliminated 558 tonnes of harmful greenhouse gases, equivalent to taking 123 cars off the road for good and saved over $56,000 in running costs.

Completed projects include installing energy-efficient lighting in the cafeteria, production office and factory floor; fixing air leaks on compressed air system; reducing hot water temperature on all washing machines; raising steam tunnel productivity; purchasing a second high efficiency dryer; enabling Energy Star on office computers.

Future projects include extending the use of natural gas engines within the distribution fleet, further improvements in wash processes, and heat loss through piping and ventilation.

Alsco certainly endorses the Energy Smart Business program. We would recommend it to other businesses that wish to work smarter while making a contribution both to the environment and to their reputation as a responsible corporate citizen, said Mr Jerogin.

"Across NSW, the Energy Smart Business Program is now saving 170 businesses over $13.7 million a year from their energy bills and cutting greenhouse emissions by over 221,000 tonnes per annum, which is like taking 48,571 cars off NSW's roads for good. I urge other businesses to work with SEDA to cut their greenhouse gas emissions," Mr Mark Fogarty concluded.

SEDA's Energy Smart Green Globe Awards, now in their fourth year, is the leading greenhouse reduction awards scheme in NSW. The Energy Smart Green Globe Awards recognise outstanding achievements across the business, energy supply industry and retail sectors.

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