Air brick goes further

13 Oct 2007Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: The West Australian - by Niall McIlroy - Energetics Pty Ltd carries out thermal property study on new Ecobrick.


A new internal house brick, touted by its manufacturers as a revolution in environmentally friendly building principles, is set to hit the market. Ecobrick is an autoclaved concrete brick which contains tiny air pockets. These air pockets make it lightweight and energy efficient. Studies carried out by greenhouse consultants Energetics claim that Ecobrick has greater thermal properties than double clay brick because the air pockets act as a heat insulator resulting in less need for artificial heating and cooling of the home.

Ecobrick was also found to dissipate heat more effectively when used as an internal brick with a clay brick external wall. Advanced Concrete Technologies general manager Roger Brynjulfsen said the research showed that the combination of autoclaved concrete brick and external clay brick improved thermal insulation properties 57 per cent, reducing household heating and cooling costs. "Ecobricks strength and durability also exceeds the stringent industry mandate which is why similar bricks have been used in Europe for over 50 years," Mr Brynjulfsen said. He said the brick required less raw materials and energy to manufacture than other bricks.

It also produced minimal waste and no toxins. "The brick is lighter than a conventional brick, which will no doubt be welcomed by brickies and could result in a decrease in time taken to build new homes. It also comes with a lifetime structural guarantee." For more information, log on to

STREAMLINED TILE Moniers new horizon tile is built to last and has a 50-year warranty. The flat, concrete shingle is produced in WA and offers a stylish roofing option that will complement any home. CSR Roofing, the maker of Monier roof tiles, has developed the Horizon tile so that it gives each roof a streamlined finish that is well suited to modern home designs. The tiles are improved by the use of A-line ridging which lines up with the ridge capping to give the roof a clean finish. Horizon comes in a range of 12 colours from the grey barramundi shade to the lighter wild rice.

KEEP A TIGHT RAIN Householders can make more out of Perths rainfall thanks to a new guide containing the latest information on water-saving techniques on the internet. The Rainwater Consumer Guide has been created by the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA) and the Australian Rainwater Industry Development Group (ARID) and provides information about the use of rainwater.

MPMSAA executive director Ray Herbert said the water industry was dedicated to the use of alternative water sources. He said the Rainwater Consumer Guide would emphasise that rainwater could be used for more than irrigation. "By de- mystifying the process of how to choose a rainwater tank, the accessories available and how you can achieve the best results from your investment, we hope that consumers will be confident in the choices they make," he said. "The Rainwater Consumer Guide also provides consumers with valuable information on the maintenance of water tanks and levels of government rebates across Australia." A range of other water-saving devices was also available. "These include dual-flush toilets, water-efficient shower roses and other plumbing appliances now easily identified by Australias water-efficiency labelling system," he said.

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