AIG call for CPRS delay slammed

27 Feb 2009Archived News Energetics in the News



The Australian Industry Group (AIG) said the introduction of Australia’s emissions trading scheme should be delayed until 2012 because of the difficult economic conditions. “The 2010 timetable has also now become unrealistic because of the impacts of the global financial crisis on business confidence, cash flows and the availability of credit.

One of the impacts of the crisis is that it is undermining the capacity for businesses to invest in the new processes, plant, equipment and training necessary for them to reduce their emissions,” said chief executive Heather Ridout.

Energy consultancy Energetics slammed the AIG call, saying companies that have been slow to institute improvements so far “would be complaining again in 2 years time because they will still not be ready”. “There is no doubt that the CPRS will impose costs across the economy for carbon pollution, and these costs will be felt more during a recession,” said the group’s executive director Jon Jutsen. “However, it is apparent to climate scientists that the risks of delaying action further significantly exceed the benefit of any delay. The Australian Industry Group is grasping at straws here and their claims are not credible.”

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