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02 Feb 2008Archived News Energetics in the News

PUBLISHED: The West Australian - by Laura Phillips - Energetics Pty Ltd is recognised for work on greenhouse solar powered studies.


National Homes has added photovoltaic solar-power systems to its standard package, in a bid to help homeowners reduce their environmental footprint. The company, a division of Australias biggest home building company BCG, claims it will be the first residential home builder in WA to include photovoltaic cell systems as a standard inclusion.

"Our market research indicates that customers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that their day-to-day actions have on the environment," sales and marketing manager Andrew Woodcock said. "If they can make a considerable difference without bearing the increased cost of sustainable additions, they perceive it as a huge benefit. "It also has the added benefit of not only saving them money at the set-up stage but also offering a long-term saving on energy bills."

Photovoltaic cells on the roof of a home would convert the suns rays to power via a grid-interactive inverter connected to the Western Power energy grid. The cable from the inverter would be connected to the household energy supply and power appliances in the home. Any excess would be fed back into the grid, with a meter to measure net consumption. At night, the power supply would come from the main grid as normal.

National Homes cited studies conducted last year by greenhouse consultants Energetics, which showed that a 1kW solar-power system saved about $275, or 30 per cent, per year on energy costs. Mr Woodcock said every home now built by National Homes would have the photovoltaic system as standard. "This offer has come about due to us working closely with the Federal Government to co-ordinate the rebates for each customer," he said. "And as part of Australias largest residential home building company, we pass on to the customer the savings brought about by our buying power." For more information, visit http://www.nationalhomes.com.au or phone 9214 1133.

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