Where is energy amongst your cost drivers? How well is it measured and managed?

26 Mar 2013Archived News Climate Change Matters

Energy management and reporting for the mining sector: enter your data once to get reconcilable data and generate energy and carbon usage reports that you can easily drill down to the fill and meter point and stop energy wastage in your business.  

Energetics recently supported leading software supplier to the mining sector, Scope Systems, in the development of EMMtrack: a fully integrated environmental, fuel and power management system which enables companies to meet their carbon tax and reporting obligations. EMMtrack is designed to track and report all Scope 1 and 2 emissions for OSCAR and National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) obligations.

The information captured will support decision making including the cost control, allocation to costs centres, purchase of emissions units, forecasting cash flow, and emissions and financial reporting. It will also optimise how much rebate companies receive from the Government in the form of fuel tax credits.

Stian Henriksen, Research & Development Manager, Scope Systems

Reporting requirements impose a significant burden on companies. It is a time consuming and costly activity, which distracts employees from other responsibilities.  Many businesses find that a particularly challenging aspect of reporting is the need to manually transcribe data points five times or more in order to generate audit-quality reports which integrate energy, carbon and fuel information.  “Handling” the data so many times means that errors are more likely to creep into the process and confidence in the data is eroded.

Companies in the mining sector can now use a system that greatly enhances the reporting process: addressing the risks associated with what has largely been a manual process to date, to produce high quality reports with full drill down capabilities.

With EMMtrack users need only to enter the data once.  There are many advantages.

  • Take control of your energy spend before you receive the bill or report
  • Direct labour savings: less data input reduces double handling.  Employee time can be used more efficiently.
  • Companies can have greater confidence in the numbers being signed off and less management system time is taken up checking the quality of the data.
  • All data has enhanced accuracy, traceability and direct linkages to your existing process controls, checks and reporting structures.
  • Full audit traceability and direct linkage to financial transactions leads to decreased audit costs.
  • Auditors can test controls and easily sample single data points rather than waste time tracing transcription errors.
  • A full audit trail is available through simple output reports that auditors can test
  • Reporting from the primary data source gives higher data integrity, less sampling and reduced investigation time auditing the data.

 A reconciled data set provides a single point of truth giving confidence to CFOs that energy costs are being tracked and controlled down to the filling/metering point.  Allocation is accurate, responsibility can be assigned and simple forensics conducted. EMMtrack utilises the QlikView functionality to allow user-friendly drill downs to ensure that everyone has oversight and can control their energy consumption.    

Clients have also been particularly interested in  EMMtrack’s ability to track fuel purchased and consumed, so rebates can be managed and accurate claims made.

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