What your business needs to do in response to the draft regulations for the CEF and NGER

03 Apr 2012Archived News Climate Change Matters

The Government released the Exposure Draft Regulations for the Clean Energy Future and the National Greenhouse and Reporting Scheme (NGERS) on Friday 16 March 2012. 

The Department of Climate Change and Efficiency released the exposure drafts to facilitate consultation and seek submissions which were due yesterday. The exposure draft process will inform the finalisation of the regulations during this month.


It is understood that the Government is required to release the final Regulations mid-late April and therefore it is not anticipated that any major amendments will be made as a consequence of this consultation process.

Questions to consider:

  • Are you familiar with how the amendments will impact your business planning and operations?
  • Are you a large user of natural gas? Does your organisation want to apply for and quote an OTN?
  • The draft regulations place a heavy focus on the documents and information required for various applications and processes – do you have these in place?

General Overview of Changes

3 april 2012 slide 1
3 april 2012 slide 2

Energetics can help you understand how these changes will affect you and your organisation. You should be making adjustments to your NGER reporting systems now in order to be ready for when the amendments commence on 1 July 2012.

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