Tony Cooper, Energetics CEO attending COP21

03 Dec 2015Archived News Tony Cooper Climate Change Matters

For nearly 10 years, Tony has been Energetics' CEO leading a team of consultants who are unique in advising Australia's largest businesses on their energy and climate change challenges.  With experience spanning ASX200 companies operating across all sectors of the Australian economy, Energetics partners companies as diverse as Woolworths, Qantas, Simplot Australia, NSW Farmers and GPT. 

As global climate negotiations progress in Paris at COP21, Tony brings his years of experience to follow and assess developments as they arise.  Follow Tony on LinkedIn and Twitter. 


As Chief Executive Officer since 2006, Tony has been a key driver behind Energetics’ strategic positioning which saw the organisation shift from an engineering firm to a management consultancy specialising in climate change. He has successfully led Energetics through the sale of its technology arm, a management buy out and the global financial crisis.  Throughout these challenging times, the company was able to meet its financial targets and compete with major industry players.

With a proven track record in strategic planning, managing specialist professional teams and change management, Tony is committed to working with clients as partners, enhancing financial and team performance and effectively implementing strategic change.

Tony is attending the global climate negotiations for the first time with the Paris COP21 event.  He is joined by Dr Peter Holt, Energetics Strategy leader.  With hopes high for an international climate deal, Tony and Peter are on the ground to follow developments as they unfold.  They will return to Australia with insights and advice on both the implications for Australian business, and best practice business initiatives as they attend the many side events for business. 

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