Time to select your NGER auditor

12 Jul 2013Archived News Climate Change Matters

With the end of the 2012/2013 financial year, it is time for liable entities with emissions numbers greater than 125,000 tCO2¬-e to ensure they have engaged their Category 2 or 3 NGER auditor for mandatory reasonable assurance.

Energetics and BDO have established a partnership to provide nation-wide energy and carbon audit services. Our combined objective is to reduce the risks associated with the carbon and energy audit process by drawing upon a proven NGER Act audit methodology and by deploying audit teams that possess the necessary technical skills and experience to establish an opinion with confidence and efficiency. Since forming the partnership early 2013, Energetics and BDO have already worked on multiple energy and carbon audit engagements.

Aside from pre-submission audits, additional audit services we can provide include:

  • Internal audit and data integrity reviews for risk mitigation and the enhancement of fuel tax rebate claims

  • Jobs and Competitiveness Program (JCP) applications (including LNG Supplementary Assistance)

  • Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) audit reports

  • Voluntary limited assurance engagements

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