South Australia Introduces kVA Tariffs

01 Jun 2001Archived News Climate Change Matters

ETSA Utilities have released changes to South Australian network tariffs to apply from 1 July 2001.

Previously, South Australian demand tariffs have been based on kW demand. ETSA have now introduced demand tariffs based on kVA demand. The kVA demand takes the power factor of a supply point into account. Under the new demand tariff arrangement, customers will be penalised for poor power factor.

Customers entering the market for the first time on 1 July 2001 who have a maximum demand greater than 250 kW will be supplied under the kVA demand tariffs.

The existing kW demand tariffs are now only available to customers who were taking supply under these tariffs prior to 30 June 2001. Customers on kW demand tariffs do have the option to change to the kVA tariffs, and some will see savings from this.

All existing demand and non-demand (i.e. time of use or single rate) tariffs for 2001-02 will be charged at 2000-01 rates.

The change in tariff structure provides an opportunity for sites to raise their power factor and potentially make savings in addition to the tariff change.

All of our clients are being informed of this issue as part of our support to your business

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