Move quickly to prepare projects for the ERF second auction

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The Clean Energy Regulator announced that the second ERF auction will take place 4-5 November, and that new projects must register by 18 September - a tight deadline!  With so much money on the table, business should move quickly to prepare projects to participate. 

Energetics has consulted to the government on the preparation of many of the Methods.  We can help ensure that your project meets the rigorous Method requirements. 



What has changed since the first ERF auction?

Since the first auction was held 15 -16 April, there have been many changes to the ERF legislation. 

An additional 101 projects have been registered, and 116 projects were previously registered but not awarded contracts in the first auction, bringing the maximum number of auction participants to 217 (based on the ERF Project Register, 30 July 2015).

Compared to the first auction, where there were 260 eligible registered projects, there are currently fewer eligible projects registered with a wider range of available Methods. 

Businesses interested in accessing this large funding pool have greater opportunity in this second auction – particularly with energy efficiency projects.

What are the key tasks to be completed between now and the second auction?


Steps to participating in the second auction



- Project registrations must be received by the Clean Energy Regulator via a submission in the Client Portal by 18 September, just six weeks away.   The Clean Energy Regulator has stated that any project applications requiring further information after this date will not be eligible to participate in the second auction and will have to wait until the as-yet unannounced third auction.
- Following project registration, auction qualification forms will be due on 6 October and auction registration by 27 October.
- The auction will start 9am, 4 November and close at 5pm AEST on 5 November.
- Successful project proponents will be notified by 12 November.

For projects that were already registered at the time of the first auction, but which did not participate, both the qualification and auction registration forms will be needed.

For projects that were unsuccessful in the first auction but who wish to re-bid in the second auction, only an auction registration form will be required.

Don’t miss out on this large pool of funding

With such a tight deadline, proponents must allow sufficient time to complete project registrations and fully comply with all instructions regarding project registration to ensure the best chance of success.

Energetics can help your business meet the tight deadline to register new projects.  

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