SA Energy Prices Fall...

01 Sep 2002Archived News Climate Change Matters

Many large energy users in South Australia were hit with soaring energy costs when they entered the market in mid-2001. Since then, electricity prices have dropped to levels that are more in line with other states, particularly Victoria.


Due to the offers being provided by many retailers in the first half of last year, many customers have entered into contracts which do not expire until 2004-2006. However, this does not mean that you cannot take advantage of the lower energy rates available now without breaking your contract.

Most retailers would be willing to pass through lower energy rates now, but in return you will need to extend your contract.

The key to ensuring this is a worthwhile exercise is in determining whether you would be better off in the long term by riding out your current contract and then negotiating a new contract altogether through a competitive process, or taking some savings now and having a longer contract. This will depend on the competitiveness of the extension rates offered by your retailer.

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