Recent research on business understanding and readiness

01 Aug 2009Archived News Climate Change Matters

A survey of 151 CEOs of Australian companies with a minimum turnover of $A150million (“Carbon Ready …. Or Not”, PricewaterhouseCoopers, June 2009) found that only 23.8% of businesses were comprehensively prepared for the introduction of the CPRS; and that climate change had yet to become a priority at CEO level. More than one third of companies surveyed had not factored the CPRS into their forward corporate strategy.

Moreover, a recent survey of just under 400 companies by the Australian Industry Group and KPMG found more than 30% of businesses had no knowledge of key elements of the CPRS and found that a significant majority of businesses have no current plans to actively manage their carbon footprint (“Gearing Up: Business Readiness for Climate Change”, July 2009). Over 55% of all businesses are currently not taking steps to become better informed.

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