Readiness Review for NGER Submission

01 Jun 2009Archived News Climate Change Matters

Corporations and facilities that exceed the NGER thresholds in 2008/09, must register by August 31st 2009 and report by October 31st 2009. Are you confident that your NGER data is complete and compliant with the Regulations?



Energetics provides a tailored service to assess your readiness to report, including reviews of:

  • Site boundary definitions and corporate reporting structure
  • Emission source definitions and decisions
  • Information management system documentation
  • Data collection and handling practices
  • Technical review of site-specific calculation methodologies
  • Desktop review of inventory datasets, including sanity checking against history and industry
  • Primary source records and verifiable audit trail

In addition, Energetics can assist with:

  • Checking entered OSCAR data against checked and verified inventory data to ensure no clerical errors in a submission or to highlight potential issues with OSCAR
  • Identifying issues that require clarification at government level in relation to any aspect of the review, and seek response on these issues.

Feedback can be tailored to the scope and depth of the review, including:

  • Prepare dataset-specific feedback reports to highlight issues identified in the data review, including recommended actions to address these issues and ensure compliance with NGER
  • Hold on-site, web-delivered, video or teleconferences with dataset owners to discuss findings and recommended actions following the data review
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