Queensland: is your business aware of the new energy and greenhouse reporting thresholds that now apply?

29 Mar 2010Archived News Climate Change Matters

There are two reporting schemes that apply to businesses with sites in Queensland: the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme (a nationwide compliance program) and Queensland's Smart Energy Savings programe.

The most significant and far reaching of these schemes is the NGER Act. All businesses should be aware that the NGER thresholds, that trigger the requirement to register and report, have been reduced for the financial years' 2010 and 2011: more companies are now required to report their energy and greenhouse emissions.

Companies operating in Queensland are also captured by the Queensland Government's energy efficiency legislation which is the foundation for its Smart Energy Savings Program (SESP). This program, which became effective on 1 July 2009, requires "participating businesses to conduct an energy audit, develop an Energy Savings Plan and publish their actions for each relevant site, on a five-yearly cycle." The program has four major objectives: to increase energy efficiency, to reduce energy costs in order to improve business competitiveness, to reduce growth in demand for electricity, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Read more on Queensland Smart Energy Program

Below is a chart to help you understand whether your business is required to report under either the NGER and / or SESP schemes.

Queensland: Federal and State reporting programs

If you answer yes to any of the above questions and are uncertain about how to determine whether you exceed any of the thresholds under NGER or the Queensland Smart Energy Savings Program (or the subsequent actions your company needs to take), Energetics is able to assist.

For further information, please contact Adrian Abbott, Regional Manager Queensland, Energetics Pty Ltd on 07 3230 8800

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