News Alert: Energy price increases

01 Jul 2009Archived News Climate Change Matters

Over the last few years there have been a series of unprecedented price changes that have affected how customers are managing their energy costs.



On 1 July there will be significant increases in electricity network costs across Qld, SA, ACT, Tas, WA and particularly NSW. One of the network areas with the highest price increases is Energy Australia. While the average price increase that was approved by the regulator was 23%, some tariff change impacts are more than 50%. This is placing an immediate higher burden on industrial/commercial businesses in the coming financial year.

The price impact does vary by location and tariff. Energetics can help calculate the price impact for your sites and in the process also conduct a detailed bill check to identify if there is a lower tariff that is more suitable. Energetics has been working with many clients to help reduce the impact of these price increases. If you would like more information, please contact your Energetics' account manager.

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