New Mandatory Energy and Water Programs

01 May 2005Archived News Climate Change Matters

There are an increasing number of environmental plans and recommendations coming into place focusing on mandatory targets for high-end energy and water users. With the introduction of these mandatory schemes, company's that are high-end users of energy and water will need to strategically prepare their businesses for the requirements to come.


Sydney Metropolitan Water Plan

Under the Sydney Metropolitan Water Plan, the top 200 commercial & industrial water users, Sydney metropolitan Councils and State government agencies will need to prepare water conservation plans every four years, the first of which needs to be prepared by March 2006. The plans will need to identify cost effective measures that will be required to be implemented by September 2007. The program is being managed by the Department of Energy, Utilities & Sustainability.

The National Framework for Energy Efficiency (NFEE)

The NFEE program is also just around the corner and is recommending a Mandatory Energy Efficiency Opportunity Assessment (MEEOA) of all high-end users ($500,000 pa) of energy.

These programs will require a significant amount of planning from businesses nationally to prepare their implementation strategies. Although mandatory, these schemes provide a great opportunity to develop a comprehensive approach to resource management in your company. The NSW Government is making available a demand management fund, for water saving projects, which should be available from July 2005.

Energetics would advise that you start putting your strategic energy and water demand management plans in place now to maximise your access to the funds available. A good starting point is to gather important stakeholders together in a strategic workshop to discuss the best way forward for your company. Energetics has already assisted a number of clients with their planning in preparation for the new program.

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