Network tariff optimisation in Victoria: prepare for new tariffs coming into effect 1 January 2016

From 1 January 2016, the five distribution network service providers:  AusNet Services, Citipower Network, Powercor Network, Jemena Network, and United Energy Network, servicing customers in Victoria, are applying new network tariff rates.   

Energetics’ expert tariff analysts are experienced in working with network service providers’ tariff structures. We can help your business optimise tariff charges in the shortest possible time.  Following the publication of the new tariffs, Energetics can identify opportunities to save on energy bills. Timing is critical: new tariffs come into effect on 1 January, a few weeks after after new network tariffs are published in December.   

How can my business save money?  Make sure that new tariff is right for your site

Energetics performs tariff reviews for a large number of clients across thousands of sites.  Specialist analysts are dedicated to tariff analysis and they are experts at identifying the correct and most cost effective tariff for a site. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in working with both network and retail businesses to smoothly implement identified change.

As part of the network tariff review, annual maximum demand is also reviewed to identify opportunities to reset site demand levels.  Lowering capacity generates a cost saving every month going forward.

Findings and recommendations for tariff changes and demand resets are verified against the source interval data and documented, including the calculation of potential savings from changing tariffs. Upon approval of identified cost savings opportunities, Energetics can also ensure the tariff changes are made.

Energetics can also facilitate regulatory engagement, should you wish to engage with your network service provider(s) or the regulator on tariff re-assignment, network tariff structure and pricing methodology or network tariff setting rule processes.
Please contact Gilles Walgenwitz or Garry Martin for further information on Energetics’ network tariff optimisation services.

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