Negotiate your metering charges and save money

If you are an electricity customer with large market sites in the National Electricity Market (NEM), you will almost certainly be paying for metering services via your monthly retailer invoice. In the same manner that energy and environmental charges are negotiable, metering charges can also be negotiated. There is the opportunity for significant cost reductions in the current market and recent metering tenders run via Energetics’ competitive procurement process have delivered savings of 40-50% compared to clients’ existing arrangements.

All large market electricity customers in the NEM have a mandatory requirement to have a nominated retailer and metering provider allocated to their site. Most people will be familiar with negotiating a contract renewal with a range of energy retailers to obtain the optimal pricing and terms for their future supply. Metering is no different. There are multiple meter providers active in the NEM, including several new entrants, making for a competitive market which is reflected in the pricing and services offered.

The key areas of negotiation are:

  • Price
  • Contract length (up to five years)
  • Value added services such as data forwarding, online portal, alerts

Energetics has long term commercial relationships with all the active providers.  We use a bespoke tender process to procure the most cost effective offers. It is worth noting that a metering agreement can be locked in independently of the electricity retail contract and the duration does not have to run parallel. A longer term is often more attractive as annual metering costs tend to step down for future years.

Energetics recently negotiated a $240,000 saving (53%) over a three year term for a large multi-site customer with sites in four states within the NEM, which was able to alleviate a significant portion of the customer’s increased energy costs over the same period.

Please contact the energy markets team on 02 9492 9529 to see how Energetics can help your business negotiate a more cost effective metering agreement.

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