National Energy Efficiency Strategy

10 Nov 2008Archived News Climate Change Matters

Energetics joins push to increase business incentives as part of the new National Energy Efficiency Strategy.

The Council of Australian Governments announced last month that they are fast-tracking the development of a new National Energy Efficiency Strategy to be finalised by December 2008. This new policy process comes at a time when business is seeking to achieve cost savings as well as carbon emissions reductions.


This is why Energetics joined with a broad alliance of influential business, social and environmental groups to promote a suite of policies that will drive greater energy efficiency. The alliance brought together by The Climate Institute has produced a policy paper released today that proposes new incentives for the business sector to implement energy efficiency. The policies recommended for the business sector include:

  • accelerated depreciation and other tax incentives;
  • removal of perverse subsidies to energy use and demand side management;
  • energy efficiency grants and low interest loans; and
  • introducing minimum energy performance standards for commercial and industrial applications.

Energetics recognises that the new National Energy Efficiency Strategy presents an opportunity to provide new incentives for business. It also provides an opportunity to better align the current programs and policies that have been introduced by different levels of Government which has created some confusion and inefficiency for business.

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