Maintaining bipartisan support for our minimum national emissions reduction target is vital

06 Sep 2013Archived News Dr Peter Holt Climate Change Matters

Our national emissions reduction targets need the unwavering commitment of the major Australian political parties in order to meet our international obligations and respond to the overwhelming evidence of human-induced climate change”, says Dr Peter Holt, head of Carbon Strategy at Australia’s leading carbon and energy consultancy, Energetics. 

Moreover, our national minimum target of 5% reductions on 2000 levels, which enjoys bipartisan support, provides Australian businesses with the minimum critical signal they need to take steps to reduce their greenhouse emissions.  

“Working with Australia’s largest emitters we have seen improvements in business performance from carbon reduction activities, including cost savings from energy efficiency measures, investments in new technologies delivering productivity improvements, and more sustainable resource and waste management practices,” Dr Holt adds.  “Maintaining our commitment to the 5% target removes some of the current uncertainty in climate change policy and enables companies to make defensible investment decisions.”

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