Large land holders have new opportunities to participate in carbon markets

17 May 2013Archived News Climate Change Matters

The Federal Budget announced that land sector activities such as cropland management, grazing land management and revegetation will be included in Australia’s Kyoto Protocol target.

With this broader definition of eligible activities, new opportunities open up for farmers and large landholders such as miners. 

Activities will be assessed by the Carbon Farming Initiative’s (CFI) Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee and credits awarded that can be sold to businesses carrying carbon liabilities.  Methodologies for determining eligibility have yet to be formulated, however work is underway with stakeholders to ensure that they are scientifically sound. 

If your business has large land holdings, now is the time to re-examine project opportunities that could generate revenue through carbon offsets.   In view of the coming Federal election, it is important to bear in mind that the CFI enjoys bi-partisan support. 

Energetics can assist by assessing the suitability of your individual land holdings and advising the likelihood of meeting the CFI’s eligibility criteria.

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