How confident are you that your Method 2 or 3 estimation is NGER compliant?

25 Mar 2013Archived News Climate Change Matters

Moving to a higher order method for estimating fugitive emissions from open cut coal mines could reduce your carbon liability by millions of dollars.  However, now that there is a dollar value attached to the emissions values reported, your emissions’ estimates are likely be subjected to scrutiny by financial auditors and the Clean Energy Regulator.

Energetics and Geos Mining are working together to provide a complete fugitive emissions estimation service for open cut coal mines. This includes an independent review of your Method 2 or 3 estimation: from a verification of the numbers through to a formal reasonable assurance opinion, depending on your needs. Energetics’ Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor will conduct any audit work in accordance with the NGER Audit Guidelines.  Geos Mining will provide technical support.

If you haven’t examined the opportunity yet, we can provide an initial estimate of the magnitude of savings if switching to a higher order method. We can then work with you to determine your site-specific method two emission factor. This requires an intricate interlinking of geophysics information with NGER expertise.

Interpreting site gas resources is not trivial – even if you have adequate drilling information you might require additional manipulation before your site-specific emission factors is ready. We will tailor our approach to the information available for your site. Geos Mining has a team of geologists that meet the requirements for an Estimator in the ACARP guidelines and are able to “sign-off” on the fugitives report for NGER.   Energetics’ Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors will review supporting records and processes to meet NGER legislative requirements.

You could reduce your carbon liability by millions of dollars this year by reporting open cut coal mining fugitive emissions based on site-specific gas data, rather than the state-wide default factor. However, you need to be making decisions now to be ready to report this way for 2012/13.

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