Has your organisation arranged a NGER audit?

Notification from the Clean Energy Regulator today reminds reporters to conduct their NGER reasonable assurance audit.

There are three levels of NGER audit. Firstly, liable entities with emissions greater than 125,000 tCO2-e are required to engage a Category 2 or 3 NGER auditor.  For these entities, reasonable assurance audits must be submitted together with the emissions report by 31 October 2013. 

Secondly, those entities responsible for less than 125,000 tCO2-e, while not required to submit an audit report, are encouraged to consider undertaking an audit voluntarily. An audit provides confidence for a reporting organisation in their calculated carbon liabilities. 

Finally, there is the annual CER-led audit program whereby reporters are randomly selected.  Under this program if a mandatory or voluntary audit has been conducted, the CER is unlikely to pursue a further audit.  

Energetics, in partnership with BDO, brings a proven audit methodology to NGERS audits.  Our technical skills and experience ensure that we establish an opinion with confidence and efficiency.    

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