Green Power Price Has Fallen

01 Oct 2006Archived News Climate Change Matters

The price of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) has fallen significantly in recent times due to an oversupply of RECs in the market. As a consequence, the cost of voluntary GreenPower purchases has also fallen dramatically. If your organisation has been considering purchasing voluntary GreenPower to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability now would be an excellent time to do so.


You do not need to wait for your main electricity contract to expire to purchase GreenPower. Rights to GreenPower can be purchased under a separate agreement at any time, and the more energy you use, the less voluntary GreenPower you need to purchase to be eligible to use the GreenPower tick logo (see table below).

GreenPower Table

Source: Australian Greenhouse Office

If you would like more information on purchasing GreenPower, or on the relative merits of various low emissions energy products such as Greenhouse Friendly, direct carbon abatement or other clean energy sources, please contact your Energetics account manager.

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