Government funds allocated to energy efficiency expected to be announced shortly

01 Oct 2009Archived News Climate Change Matters

The Commonwealth Government announced in the May Budget a number of new energy efficiency programs funded by the Climate Change Action Fund (CCAF) for 2009-2010.


These initiatives will support businesses that have significant energy costs, but do not receive emissions-intensive trade-exposed assistance, to take action to reduce carbon pollution through energy efficiency before the planned commencement of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.

This funding will include:

  • up to $100 million for Early Action Energy Efficiency Strategies for Business, including energy audits and capital investment; and
  • $80 million for capital investment grants for businesses and community organisations.

If energy costs are a significant component of your operating costs, Energetics encourages you to consider, ahead of the roll-out, the potential within your business to investigate energy efficiency opportunities.

In addition, in scoping the potential for capital improvement projects, it is worth remembering that successful applications under the CCAF would have the effect of reducing the payback period for energy efficiency projects.

This may increase the viability of currently marginal projects.

Funding opportunities and payback requirements

We understand the commercial realities of meeting your company's payback requirements. For this reason we have experienced commercially minded business people focusing on the financial aspects of your projects. This focus allows us to work through the government grants processes, and free up your project management and engineering teams to focus on their priorities .

It is this task-specific focus that helps to deliver your project, on time, on budget and within your required payback period.

We have years of experience working with government and understand the importance Governments place on creating sustainable businesses and improving profitability. We can help you secure your share of government grant programs, and assist with the implementation of your project within your business. 

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