Global trends in solar PV and storage technologies

19 Dec 2014Archived News Dr Gordon Weiss Climate Change Matters

For those who are after the latest assessment of solar PV and storage technologies, you cannot do much better than the Technology Roadmaps published by International Energy Agency.


The solar PV roadmap predicts that solar PV will be providing 16% of the world’s electricity by 2050, and that the cost of electricity from large solar PV systems will be as low as USD50 per MWh. The growth in solar PV installations is across all sectors of the economy, with solar PV systems on the roofs of commercial buildings being a major contributor to the overall growth.


The situation with energy storage is just as exciting. Energy storage today is dominated by pumped hydroelectric systems. However, the emergence of alternative batteries will see this change in the period to 2050. The rise of electric vehicles is particularly important, due to their impact on electricity grids as well as the impact of the global car industry.

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