Energy Efficiency Opportunities’ (EEO) program

01 Aug 2009Archived News Climate Change Matters

The Federal Government has confirmed that EEO will be continuing and expanding. Energetics can help you derive savings while meeting your compliance requirements. 

Your business should also be considering what your public reporting says about your company and its positioning. Energetics review of the first round of EEO public reports can be accessed on our website. Our review revealed that while many public reports are of a high standard, others may not meet minimum compliance standards. We can advise you on the quality of your first public report and how the next report (due December 31) can be improved. These reports are public and open to scrutiny by interested stakeholders.

For businesses reporting under both EEO and NGER, there is a requirement for information in the EEO report to align with the NGER report if your submitted your ARS after 1 July 2008 and, in any event, by 2012. Further, we strongly recommend you align reporting boundaries for both EEO and NGER to reduce your reporting burden and manage stakeholders' perception of information in the public domain. For advice and further information please contact your Energetics' account manager.

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