Energetics' Sydney office purchases 100% accredited Green Power

01 Oct 2006Archived News Climate Change Matters

Through the use of Energetics' internal Strategic Energy Procurement services and in conjunction with Energetics' internal E-Team (environmental team), Energetics has negotiated a contract to purchase 100% accredited Green Power for its Sydney office.


This purchase equates to 78% of the total energy consumed by Energetics' offices. Negotiations are currently underway to purchase 100% Green Power for the company's Melbourne office.

Green Power is a national accreditation program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable energy products offered by electricity suppliers to households and businesses across Australia.

When choosing a government accredited Green Power product, your energy supplier agrees that the equivalent amount of energy you nominate is produced from renewable sources, avoiding the use of coal-derived power.

As a result of the growing demand for Green Power, over 265 new approved renewable energy projects have been installed in Australia since 1997, including the southern hemisphere's largest solar farm at Singleton, NSW and numerous wind farms including Crookwell and Blayney in NSW, Codrington in Victoria, Lake Bonney in South Australia and Townsville in Queensland. Growth of the renewable energy industry and the installation of new generators have also made a positive contribution to employment and tourism in regional areas.

The Green Power tick gives a guarantee that Energetics' contributions are helping facilitate the installation of new sustainable energy projects in Australia.

The E-Team is also implementing many energy, water and waste opportunities within its Sydney and Melbourne offices. Energy, water and waste have been areas of core competency for Energetics over the last 23 years. To learn more about how we are working towards creating a more sustainable work environment and how our staff could help your business, please contact your Energetics' Account Manager.

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