Energetics Purchases 100% Accredited GreenPower

Energetics Purchases 100% Accredited GreenPower
01 Mar 2007Archived News Climate Change Matters

Through the use of Energetics' internal Strategic Energy Procurement services, Energetics has negotiated a contract to purchase 100% accredited Green Power for its offices. Energetics' Sydney and Melbourne offices are now powered by 100% accredited GreenPower. This means that 100% of the electricity purchased directly by Energetics' Australian offices is GreenPower.



Energetics has committed to purchasing 101 megawatt hours of renewable GreenPower, which will result in a cut to Australia's greenhouse gas emissions by 108 tonnes per annum - equivalent to taking about 24 cars off our roads. Energetics is also looking into helping staff to buy accredited GreenPower for their residential electricity consumption. Read more about Energetics' GreenPower purchase.

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