Energetics congratulates Brickworks Building Products

Energetics congratulates Brickworks Building Products
21 Mar 2014Archived News Rob Rouwette Climate Change Matters

Brickworks Building Products, under two of its brick brands, Austral Bricks (Tasmania) and Daniel Robertson, has launched a range of carbon neutral bricks and pavers produced at their Longford plant in Tasmania.

This achievement is believed to be a first for brick manufacturers in Australia.

Energetics is proud to have assisted Brickworks Building Products with a National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) compliant carbon footprint for more than 70 types of bricks. In this project, Energetics quantified the greenhouse gas emissions released during the life cycle (Scope 1, 2 and 3) of bricks and pavers.

The diagram below describes the various emissions sources that are included.


Our work across sectors as diverse as finance, manufacturing, retail, utilities and commercial property management, consistently shows that businesses that proactively manage their carbon exposure realise a competitive advantage: as customers increasingly seek suppliers pursuing environmentally responsible management practices.

Energetics congratulates Brickworks Building Products reaching this important milestone in their business.

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