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01 May 2008Archived News Climate Change Matters

With the deadline for submission of Assessment and Reporting Schedules (ARS) now passed, companies are now well down the path of carrying out their initial EEO site assessments. All of the companies participating in EEO are also starting to focus on the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting legislation (NGER), and in particular are looking to benefit from an integrated approach to reporting under these two programs.



Of course, EEO is about much more than simply conducting energy assessments and reporting. It is about building systems, skills and practices that can help you to look for and achieve energy savings on a continuous basis. Energy efficiency is easily the most cost-effective way for companies to address climate change and increasing energy costs, and EEO aims to help companies put in place the mechanisms to unlock this potential source of savings.

With that in mind, Energetics would like to draw your attention to some of the key services we can offer to add value to your EEO response and help achieve ongoing savings for your business.

EEO Program Management services

Many companies who are participating in EEO are also part of several other voluntary and mandatory programs. These include NGER, EREP and Carbon Disclosure, to name a few. Surveys with industry groups and companies routinely show that business is willing to participate in programs that genuinely add value, are coordinated across government levels, are clearly structured and provide appropriate incentives to support industry action.

Energetics can help you benefit from these programs via our services, ranging from a hands-on approach, to a coaching methodology where we provide tools and coaching for you to respond to program requirements. Our methodologies are designed to be flexible to meet your particular needs. They will add value by ensuring effective coordination and communication of programs, integrating assessments and reporting, building internal skills and capacity, developing effective internal policies, practices and responsibilities, leveraging appropriate incentive funding programs, and tracking success.

Some of the key Program Management services we offer include:

  • Energy management improvement using One-2-Five®Energy
  • Integrated resource, waste and carbon reporting using Enterprize.EM
  • Integrated energy and water efficiency assessments (EEO, EREP, ESAP, WSAP)
  • Energy strategy development and corporate communication planning
  • Energy Management Training
  • Case Study development
  • Project tracking tool

Energy Management Training

Energy efficiency is a key tactic for businesses to reduce their production costs, reduce their carbon emissions and meet their social responsibilities. It is critical, and a requirement of the EEO program, that people within the business get involved in the process of identifying and developing efficiency opportunities.

Our tailored 2-day workshop is intended for up to 8 staff participating in energy efficiency assessments, to provide the knowledge and practices necessary to identify energy efficiency opportunities across their operations. The workshop will focus on identifying opportunities within selected technologies. After the workshop, on-the-job coaching can be provided by Energetics as you manage the assessments.

This Training will produce evidence consistent with Key Elements of the EEO program namely KR2.1 (People) and will support internal resources complying with KR3 (Information, data and analysis) and KR4 (Opportunities identification and evaluation).

On completion of the workshop, participants such as Energy Champions, facility managers or process engineers, will be able to conduct effective assessments, including analysis of energy use and recognizing typical efficiency opportunities in their areas of influence, and calculation of savings so that these opportunities can be screened and progressed in a controlled manner.

Further coaching of staff via Coaching Plans will further enhance the skills to conduct detailed assessments of opportunities, present business cases for implementation, and document EEO processes and project plans to demonstrate how the program’s objectives are being met.

One-2-Five Energy

Many resource efficiency programs such as Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO), Energy and Water Savings Action Plans (ESAP, WSAP), and Environment and Resource Efficiency Plans (EREP) include a requirement to assess and develop management systems for resource efficiency improvement.

Energetics provides diagnostic tools and facilitation services to assist you in the prioritisation and development of your management systems. Two of these tools are One-2-Five®Energy and One-2-Five®Water. The energy diagnostic, One-2-Five®Energy, has been in use across Australia, the USA, and other countries for many years. Nearly 2,000 companies have conducted energy diagnostic sessions and more than 500 water diagnostic reviews have been conducted in Australia alone.

Integrated NGER and EEO reporting

The outcomes from your initial EEO assessments will form the major input to your corporation’s first public report, together with your energy use information, which must be reported to DRET.

Together with the impending National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) legislation, to take effect from July 2008, getting your information on resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in order (and very accurately!) is now doubly important. This highlights the importance of a good energy data reporting system, with the need for data to be internally verifiable and externally auditable.

In recognising several years ago the strong likelihood of robust energy and carbon reporting in future, Energetics developed both a strong consulting capability and a world-leading information management system for energy, greenhouse, water, waste and other sustainability metrics, called Enterprize.EM®. This was first released in 2001.

Enterprize.EM® is externally hosted by HP Global Hosting, so our clients access their virtual private database via a web browser. Enterprize.EM® can integrate with companies’ central ERP/accounting systems to deliver specialised resource management functionality without the need for a separate software system. It is already used by around 20 corporations with 20,000 sites to manage a vast number of reporting requirements. Energetics also provides a complete bill processing service that handles $0.5B of energy bills per annum. Our system is currently undergoing AS1042 external auditing to provide data assurance.

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