Changes to Energetics’ Board: Founder Jonathan Jutsen steps down and Dr Mary Stewart, mining and sustainability expert appointed as Director

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Last week Energetics’ Founder Jonathan Jutsen stepped down from his position on the Board as Executive Director.  While he will no longer have an active role in our Board, he remains a member of Energetics’ management team playing a vital part in our continued success with his characteristic passion, deep insights into energy management issues in Australia, and innovative thinking. 


Thank you to Jon Jutsen for your energy and drive

It was those qualities that led to the founding of Energetics thirty years ago and drove the business forward; persevering when economic conditions were tough and energy was cheap and there was no real interest in energy efficiency.  As a Board Director over the years, his contributions have been invaluable.  We simply would not be here today without him.

Resigning from the Board enables Jon to continue the client advisory work he loves at Energetics, as well as allowing him to dedicate more time to other interests: in particular leading the Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) and its advocacy for a national target to double energy productivity by 2030.

In looking to fill Jon’s shoes, the Board recommended that Dr Mary Stewart become the new representative Director for the Management Shareholders.  When this recommendation was put to our shareholders, they unanimously voted in support of her appointment 

Dr Mary Stewart: a career dedicated to sustainability in mining

Mary joined Energetics as a Senior Energy Consultant back in July 2005. Prior to Energetics, Mary was a Research Fellow at the University of Sydney within the Department of Chemical Engineering. Mary holds a BSc (Chemical Engineering) from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, a PhD from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and is an active member of the AusIMM, and SAIMM.

Over the last 10 years Mary has demonstrated the breadth and depth of her considerable skills and experience in a number of roles within Energetics; including Principal Consultant Mining, Principal Consultant Strategy and Sustainability, and more recently as Group General Manager Resources and Industrials.

Mary’s experience on site and at corporate level has been invaluable to mining and industrial clients who routinely seek her opinion on developing and implementing large scale programs ranging from energy efficiency and carbon mitigation to reporting and audit. Mary is a recognised international authority on Life Cycle Assessment as it applies to resources, developing carbon footprints and carbon neutral positions. Mary is on the peer review panel for The Journal of Industrial Ecology and has completed peer reviews of large, international Life Cycle Inventories.  She is a board member of the global Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC). CEEC’s mission is to accelerate knowledge and technology transfer related to energy-efficient comminution: the grinding or crushing of newly mined ore, which is the most energy intensive activity on a mine site. 

Just recently, following an invitation from the Office of Australia’s Chief Scientist, Mary participated in the Environmental Change Science and Research Priority Working Group. The aim of the group is to identify the research priorities for Australia as these relate to understanding our changing environment and how we need to manage and mitigate these changes.

Mentoring women in engineering and mining

Mary is a member of the NSW Women In Mining Network (WIMNet) Committee, and most recently her influence has been recognised with a scholarship awarded by Women and Leadership Australia for their Advanced Leadership Program. 
On numerous occasions over the last three years, I have asked Mary to deputise for me as Chief Executive Officer during periods of leave. At all times she has undertaken and performed the functions of the role with the highest levels of duty and care.

I have every confidence that she will make an outstanding Director on our Board. 

Congratulations Mary; and thank you Jon.  As we continue to grow our business offering energy and carbon management solutions to Australia’s largest businesses, I look forward to Jon’s continued involvement providing expert and pragmatic consulting advice; and Mary’s contribution as a Director with her deep knowledge of our resources sector, sustainability management and reporting practices. 

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