Carbon Market Expo 2008

11 Nov 2008Archived News Climate Change Matters

Over the last two days of October, 1100 delegates attended the inaugural Carbon Market Expo Australasia on the Gold Coast where Energetics was the Expo's Carbon Management Partner.


Founder of Energetics and leading expert on energy efficiency, Jon Jutsen, chaired a session entitled "The environmental and economic benefits from systemic energy efficiency".

The organisers reported that two major messages emerged from the Expo. Below is an excerpt from a letter sent to conference participants following the event:

"Firstly, there is vast commercial opportunity in tackling climate change and Australia could be on the cusp of a new era of prosperity and job creation. This reinforced Treasury's findings that there are major market and industry development opportunities in tackling climate change.

But the second message was one of serious concern and it came from bankers, investors, infrastructure developers, technology companies, and energy companies. They stressed that scaling up cleantech and clean energy projects in the very near term is vital and finance flows must not be hindered.

Speakers, delegates and exhibitors called on the Australian Government to avoid a price cap or fixed price for emissions permits. Otherwise they say, the commercial upside of investment in clean and renewable energy, recycling, and major forestry and land use carbon offset projects would be irreversibly jeopardised. This would kill off the critical investment into new projects in Australia and would remove any chance of Australia becoming a carbon and finance hub for the region."

Michael Whitehead, Director, Carbon Market Expo.

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