AS 5334-2013: the new Standard for climate change risk management

In early June, Standards Australia released the first Australian Standard dealing with managing the risks associated with climate change for settlements and infrastructure; AS 5334-2013. This standard provides principles and general guidelines for identifying and managing climate change related risks faced by settlements and infrastructure and describes a systematic approach to adaptation strategies. It follows the International Standard ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines.

The approach is initiated by establishing the context, including defining the internal and external environment in which the organisation operates, identifying the current design limits of existing and planned facilities, and projecting how the climate is likely to change. Within this context, risks are identified and analysed to determine the most pertinent vulnerabilities. Adaptation strategies are then developed and implemented to reduce these vulnerabilities. The process is dynamic, with communication, consultation, monitoring and review occurring throughout and ensuring risk assessments and adaptation strategies remain appropriate.

The approach described in this standard will be ideally incorporated into existing management and decision-making processes to ensure climate change risks are managed in an integrated way.

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